With the magic of sound

Tune your body with Magical 'Wings'.... 


                            Just 1 hour                                     

The efficiency of universal rhythms to empower your life…                                                       Nadayoga

Care For She

Integrative empowerment session through Nadayoga & Oushadhi marg

Music relaxation

Stimulation & cleansing through Herbal                                                              extractions

Yogic empowerment

Endocrine modulation

Healing sound

Sabd or Nada represent the subtle and gross resonance of universe. It is pure and powerful.. It performs from the cosmic dance of creation to the Symphony of Stars: The Science of Stellar Sound Waves.

Confident individuality & Alluring nature

Regular Practice ensure

Better efficiency for self-empowerment practice

vision & Eye contact improvement

General cleansing for healthy skin

Stress relief & better mental stability

Improve the quality of sleep

Yogic balancing physical & Energy body


              Wings - Introduction:

This is a one hour session to provide introduction with proper guidance to the usage of herbal extractions, Guided meditation, Breathing technique and reflex points in a rhythmic sound healing frequiency...  

One month herbal extraction kit and guidance track will be provided after this tunig session. 

A tuned ‘self’ can transmit pure bio-magnetic resonance through a suitable instrument. Depending on the quality of instruments we can create or modulate, the energy in an outer object also. 

We are using an efficient instrument –Singing bowl – to transmit the energy. Himalayan or Tibetan Singing Bowl is powerful for interpersonal bio-resonal communication to make a person energetic. This is also an easy way to provide relaxation and cleanse your body transmission with its healing power.

Easy Breath....Open nadees....   Energised Circulation

Aushadhi Marg

Oushadhi marg (Herbal applications)

Some powerful and miraculous herbs are the back bone behind new modern medical industry also. The effective bio-organic enforcement power of herbal extractions are commonly used in Empowerment and healthcare sectors.  

Stimulations through reflex points are universally accepted therapeutic method. In India also marma or Varma is used for various activations and therapies.

Stimulation methods using selected herbal extraction through certain reflex points are powerful to provide better cleansing, relaxation and endocrine activation /modulation. Here we are using  OUSHADHI MARG to different sectors in an integrated way.

The power of herbal extractions