For She

Wings for  Autarchy

Empowerement yoga for subtle energy management..

'Wings - of she' is a program specially designed for ladies with endocrine modulation method. 

Adrenergic Activation Program

Adrenergic nerve stimulation in a natural way can provide effective actions with sympathetic nervous system(PNS). It is highly supportive to get more efficiency, energy and accuracy in life.  We are using special ‘Stimulant Oils’ to stimulate the targeted area with other sectors of program.

This endocrine Modulation program is a special one for 'She' with the reflex point stimulation in fallopian tube area.

P2P session (Optional)

Adrenergic nerve stimulation is an effective program to empower a female to achieve high pottential. Those who are interested to give more importance as a part of their career, education or for any other empowerments, we are willing to provide personal sessions for the same. 

After the session, our speicialist is willing to provide special fallopian stimulation for adrenergic nerve support. This is not included as a part of this program. As it is a P2P program we can do it only for one or two of our guests with their prior request.

Yogic Realizations


Wings, handling yoga and breathing techniques to get maximum empowerment, through awareness and consciousness. The science of subtle energy controls and special breathing techinques to handle fallopian area stimulation is supportive and interactive with herbal applications (Aushadhimarg). 

Part of the tuning session we insist to recongnize the energy channelising through our system. Recognition of internal and external performance of energy will provide maximum cleansing support in the whole body transmissions. 


Eye care (stress)    Sinus nerves cleaning

Eyes are the powerful media to reflect confidence in a person.  Neurological and physiological protection is necessary to maintain the alluring eyes more than a normal beautycare.

The sinus nerve cleansing program and reflex point stimulation therapy is suitable to relax the eyes and related areas with its natural healing support. 

The continuous practive will protect various vision related issues, discolorations and radiations issues from monitors.  

Part of 'Wings' we provides some simple methods and it is possible for a person to continue from home simply. 

our special Eye care and facial circulatory therapies are available as per prior booking only.

Third eye threshold


Any empowerment or energizing practice is directly connected with the efficiency of breath and nostrils. The perfect breath through both nostrils are important in Yoga or any of the yogic empwerment programs. 

Wings' promote a smiple 'Oushadhi marg' to purify your breathing system to get maximum result in your practices.  

The simple way to stimulate the third eye point (Ajna chakra), with the power of Brahmi, Sandal and a combination of well known herbs with breathing techniques.   The continuos practice of this method will provides better relaxation and concentration power. 

Neuro-psycho coordination

During the guided meditation time, we using the continous imagination concentration method. This procedure is helpful to control the flow of concentration, and consciousness on a psychological impression. This consciousness improvement practice is helpful to get more coordination among mind and neurological system. The same time it is effectively handle the perfection in breath and body metabolism.