Back ground


'The program 'Wings' is developed by 'An Illuminator' the knowledge conduit. This firm works as a bridge between The past and The future to integrate modern and ancient sciences. 

Wings is a perfect combinaton of Music, Oushadhimarg with stimulation therapies in reflex points, Breathing techniques, sound healing etc.  'An Illuminator' is quite experienced in this areas since 2005.


12 years of success story in Music & sound energy management researches and implementation in various aspects of life & eco system.

Started the music empowerment journey through the therapeutic effects in autism interventions with Mangaljyothi integrated school, Vamanjchoor, Mangalore, Karnataka.  In later stage we developed relaxation musics, music for therapeutic & rhythmic vibrations, music for animals & eco system and more....

Participation in UNYCC, support for PhD & PG internships and projects with foregn universities like Kent US are our major mile stones in last decade. 

Oushadhi marg & Reflexology


Usage of Herbal extractions for Marmasastra (reflexology).

As a part of our Yoga integrated treatment approach with Ayurveda, Sidha & Modern medical system, the Bio-Plasmic Modulation therapy (BPM Therapy) was formulated in 2007.

This method does not use any medicines except few mild external applications.

Practical psychology wing of BPM Therapy is capable to handle,

Sleep disorders

Anxiety & anger control

Stress related issues

Endocrine issues & More

Our Studies on Yoga & empowerments are connected with old tradition of Agasthya & guided siddha lineage.  The subtle empowerment methods like Kriyayoga, Vasayoga are very efficient and fast to feel the result.

We are providers of various yoga & Yogic empowerment methods including conscious stages of yogasanas (hadhayoga).  The part of wellness, self-realization and empowerment the methods of meditation, breathing techniques, pranayama & empowerment studies are useful in various parts of life.

Chandrakalayoga (based on lunar enforcement & body)

Koumudikriya (Specially for women)

Direct Centers

There are no direct centers for 'Wings' program.

This is a program designed to conduct in 

Women clubs, Life style centers, Yoga centers, Wellness centers or as womencare in corporate areas.

Session duration:                    1hr (Approx.)

                                               15 minutes for introduction

 Additional time for discussions if any.

Participation:                            Max 20

Space allocation:                      Yoga hall facility

                                                  Reduced light & sound

                                                  Yoga mat or suitable sitting facilites

With the tuning session, we will provide a herbal extraction kit is suitable for more than 1 month practice.  The sound track of guidance for continuous practice will be transfered to the paticipants after completion of session.